My Skin Care Routine

Before I get into all the products I use in my skincare routine, I’m going to tell you about my skin:) My skin is normal-oily and acne prone. I have struggled with acne for a very long time and the past year my face has been the best since I was 13. I have enlarged pores around my nose, and a lot of acne scarring. Most of these products I have been using for a couple months, even years. So if you have skin similar to mine, you should give these products a try!



The first thing I’m going to mention is my cleanser:) Cleansers have never been that important to me. I always thought that if I had a good mouisturizer, whats the point in getting a good cleanser? After all, as long as I get all my makeup off my face I’m good to go! But I didn’t realize just how much a good cleanser impacted my skin until I tried one! I got this in a sample kit from Ole Henrikson, it is the African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser. I use about 1/2 to 1 pump and work it into my skin with my fingers. This product is different than any foaming cleanser I have tried before. Most foaming cleansers just turn into water when you work them into your skin, however this one has more of a gel like consistency. And I looovveee the smell it smells citrus-y:) I’m almost out of this sample size:( But I will be buying the full size as soon as I run out!

SAM_0854.JPG      After I cleanse my face, I use a serum. I got this in the same Ole Henrikson kit as my cleanser. When I seen this on Sephora I bought it because I have been wanting to try out a vitamin C serum to fade my acne scars, yet I didn’t want to spend 50$ on one if it didn’t even work. I can say though that this serum has faded my scarring and helped with hyperpigmentation tremendously:) I am still debating on whether or not I should buy the full size of this when I run out. I know there are vitamin C serums at the drugstores that are much cheaper so I might end up buying a different brand… we will see:) But I know that I will be keeping a vitamin C serum in my routine because of the difference it has made in my skin:)

SAM_0857.JPG   Once my serum has soaked up I go in with my moisturizer. This one by clinque is a classic and I can see why. It mouisturizes my skin without becoming greasy, and without irritating my skin. There is two versions of this, a cream and a gel. If you have oily skin like me I recommend the gel. This has no smell, no color, and soaks up pretty quickly:) I love this and can’t see myself straying away from it!

SAM_0867.JPG      At night time I use my Biore’ Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. This will break you out at first because it is drawing out all the gunk stuck inside your pores. Just keep using it though and your skin will love you for it:P I also use this in the shower and let it sit on my face. It does tingle (which I love) so don’t be scared if your face burns a little bit;P

SAM_0859.JPG      When my skin does start to break out and clogged up I always use this right after I cleanse. I have used this for years and this is like my third bottle. I put some on a cotton pad and rub it all over my face. This has salicylic acid which helps fight breakouts and it has powder in it which soaks up any extra oil. This helps so much with my acne:)

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES     Recently I have been using this moisturizer for night time. I love this because it doesn’t break me out and it helps the overall texture of my skin. This is the sample size and has lasted me a couple months (using it a couple times a week). I have been trying out two different night moisturizers and this one takes the cake. The full size is pricey, but considering how long the sample size lasted me, I’m sure the full size will too:)

SAM_0861.JPG    I used to pile on the salicylic acid products when my skin would break out. Almost everything I used on my skin contained salicylic acid. But when I stopped using it routinely, my skin changed for the better. However, I do use this Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick when I have breakouts. This is cool because it is an oil that has salicylic acid from natural ingredients. I love the fact that its in an oil form because it doesn’t dry my skin out as bad.

SAM_0858.JPG      Some nights, I am just too exhausted to be bothered with washing my face. Especially after I work night shift. During those times I use these Aveeno makeup removing wipes. I have used a lot of makeup wipes in my day, and these are my favorite:) They smell amazing, and really do make my skin glow. Its like a facewash in a wipe;)

SAM_0866.JPG     I found these little guys at Walmart for like 3$:) They are amazing:) I don’t own a Clarisonic or Foreo (I’d rather spend my $$ on other things:) but these scrubbie pads have helped me get the most out of my face washes:) It also like a little massage when I use them. Using these are fun and also helpful.

SAM_0874.JPG      Another thing I like to use on my face are face masks:) I wouldn’t say these are a routine thing for me, but I do like to have one on hand for lazy days, and days when I feel like my skin needs a little pick me up. I bought this one to use before me and my husband’s anniversary trip:)

SAM_0843.JPG     Since this is a skincare post I figured it would only be appropriate to insert a picture of my face free of makeup:)

Well thats that! I hoped you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions, comments, etc, let me know down in the comment section! Thank you for reading!!




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