Weekend Getaway Mini Series {Outfits}

Hello!! Welcome back to my blog! This is part two of my “Weekend Getaway” series. Part one was what I packed in my makeup bag, and this will be my outfits I will packing:) For our anniversary trip, me and my husband is going to Little Rock (the capital of AR). While we are there we are going to be doing a lot of shopping, hiking, site seeing, and eating out;) So I kept those activities in mind while packing:) Hope you enjoy!!










I will be posting pictures of my outfits on my instagram account!! Follow me on InstaG to check them out! @inmyweaknessblog

For the first day of our trip we will be driving there, eating, and shopping. So I wanted an outfit that was casual, but not to casual, and comfortable to wear since we would be driving for so long. I decided on my favorite pair of jeans which are these skinny jeans by Levi (I love destroyed denim, always have;). These jeans are sooo soft! Which is a plus for long car rides. For shoes I chose some flats I bought at Payless last year. These are really comfortable and go great with alot of outfits:) I love the snakeskin pattern! I paired this with a gray “home” T-shirt which I found at Goodwill the other day for 3$$!! You can’t beat that!! I have been seeing these type of shirts around lately and I was really excited when I found this! To add some color and something to go over in case I got cold, I decided to bring along my olive green cargo jacket. There is no such thing as too much of this color. I am obsessed and have been for about a year now.


Our second day away we are going to hike. I love to hike. I really wish I could more often. I’m gonna be wearing my green NATIV tank top (one of my favorite clothing companies). And since it might be a little bit chilly, I’m also going to be taking a lightweight jacket to tie around my waist. For shoes I will be buying a pair of hiking boots so I will be wearing whatever pair I end up buying:) If it is warm when we hike I will wear some khaki hiking shorts from North Face. I found these at a consignment shop:) And I know, those shorts need ironed lol! It was hard for me to find something that was modest to hike in, considering I didn’t want to wear jean shorts because I will be moving a lot and climbing. And basketball shorts are too flimsy and thin to hike in. So these were what I went with:)


Because I have no idea what we will be doing our third day there, I decided to keep it casual and cute. I packed my favorite pair of boot-cut jeans from Arizona Jean Co. and a light dusty blue cami I have had in my closet for forever and I honestly have no idea where I got it from… It is Maurice’s brand though so they might carry something similar! Over that I wore my favorite plaid button up shirt I got last year from Charlotte Rousse. This is soooo beautiful! And incredibly soft I wish I had picked up more when I bought this one. I will definitely be going back there to see if they still carry these:) For shoes I picked my black and white leopard print converse (My babies!!!!). You can never go wrong with Converse in my opinion. (Pictured below)

So that is basically it for the outfits! I’m sure I will buy some clothes while we are gone so I didnt want to pack more than I needed. Of course I packed the necessities like pajamas, socks, my swimsuit, and my undergarments lol;P And a pair of fuzzy socks because my feet are always like -13 degrees Fahrenheit…


I’m also going to show yall what purse I will be using! This purse is from Maurices. I have had it for a couple years now and it is very well loved:) I always get so many compliments on it!! Inside I keep my phone, a hand lotion, my Victoria’s Secret Bombshells in Bloom perfume, my camera, wallet, keys, and a Sephora clutch that has medicine, chapstick, lipstick(s), and a compact mirror. Pretty much just the basics!! Thanks for reading and God bless!!

xo, Bryonna



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