Shattered by Dani Pettrey Book Review

I finished reading Shattered a couple days ago and have honestly been putting off writing this book review.. I just don’t want to leave it! I loved this book and am grieving because it is over:( So, with a sad heart, I will write this review and share with you my thoughts:)

First of all, with movies, the second one is never any good. That’s just common knowledge. But with books, books are different. They always seem to get better with each book! And that is the case with Shattered. Maybe it is because I got to know Landon and Piper previously in Submerged (the first Alaskan Courage book). But I honestly think it is because it was just a better book.

Shattered is about Landon (Yancey’s Deputy Sheriff) and Piper trying to solve a case that (Piper believes) is wrongly pinned on her brother Reef. With all evidence against them, they both set out to find the truth and hopefully free her brother from behind bars. Along the way they both start to face their growing, changing feelings about one another.

I must say that I love Piper and Landon’s relationship. They are two opposites, yet so cute together! Shattered was a little bit more focused on their relationship than the actual case, but I was totally fine with that because I could read about Piper and Landon’s interactions all day. I laughed out loud quite a bit in this book and at times, I got angry (it was Landon’s fault of course;).

As for the suspense and action side, this book wasn’t as suspenseful as Submerged, but it did have quite a bit of action. Piper life is put in danger more than once (which I’m sure she loves), and so is Landon’s. However, the book did seem to be dead-end after dead-end, until it all wrapped up in the last few chapters.

Even though it wasn’t as suspenseful as I had thought it would be, Shattered was way cute than I had anticipated:) Would I re-read this book? ABSOLUTELY! Do I miss reading about Landon and Piper’s adventures together? Definitely. (I wish Pettrey would write a series just about them;P) This is my favorite book of the Alaskan Courage Series… Have you ever enjoyed a book and it’s characters so much you didn’t want to move on? This was one of those books for me.. So if my review of Stranded (The 3rd book) is prolonged, don’t worry I’m just reliving my adventures from Shattered:)



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