Out of My Comfort Zone

Comfortable. Cozy.
It’s that feeling you have when you curl up in bed after a long day. Or when you cuddle up in your husband’s arms to watch a movie. It’s peace and happiness and contentment. But what if something disrupts your coziness?  What if you finally get to sleep in underneath your warm blankets, and then suddenly someone turns on the lights and rips the covers off of you (bad idea on their part;). What if it’s something bigger than that though?


Me and my husband (TJ) moved out of our 1 bedroom apartment and into an actual house on January first:) An actual house!!!!! It had everything I ever wanted! A laundry room (no more laundry mat:), wood floors, french doors, a patio and a porch, a marble sink, and… a bedroom upstairs!!! (I love stairs). It’s been perfect! But.. we just rent this house and it’s still on the market for sell. Which means if someone wants to buy it, they can. When we first moved in I didn’t think much about it. Until a couple toured it..I felt violated. (This is my home, my refuge, where I feel safe, where me and my small little family of a husband, 2 cats and a turtle abide.) Today, a second couple will tour our house and decide whether or not they want it. It’s like someone has wakened me from my dream of comfort to the cold realization that at anytime, my life can change.

I dont want to move. I love this house. Why would God allow us to live there only to leade us away a short time later…

If we do end up moving, it will be hard. To trust that God has something better in store for me (even though I really can’t picture anything better right now..) but He see’s the bigger picture. I just see the here and now.

I love the book of Ruth. Her faith amazes me! How she can follow her mother in law into a foreign land after losing everything she had (she was comfortable with her husband for ten years!!)

Ruth 1:16
“And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave  thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest , I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:”

Ruth was willing to give up her entire lifestyle to follow her mother-in-law Naomi…. How can I not be willing to drop my lifestyle, no matter how comfortable, at a moment’s notice so I can follow my Lord’s will? Naomi was an old woman who didn’t know the future, she didn’t know whether her and Ruth would survive a day journeying in the wilderness. Yet Ruth followed her and ended up being better off and married Boaz!! She is in the bloodline of Jesus Christ!??! All because she was willing to give up her comfortable lifestyle..


Can I not do the same for God? The one who feeds the birds and knows how many hairs there are on my head. Am I willing to give my cozy life and trust God in every aspect of my life?


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