Silenced by Dani Pettrey Book Review

Kaden McKenna is a tough, perceptive, and guarded person. To some she’s too much of a realist (and a health nut). But to Jake Westin, she’s mysterious and someone he can’t figure out.

Silenced is about Kayden and Jake finally working through their tense and awkward relationship. Throughout the whole Alaskan Courage series we see these two always at odds with eachother. Until Kayden discovers Jake’s past as a cop.. who lost his wife and child.

The two end up working together on a homicide case over a dead man Kayden found while rock climbing. She tags along with Jake to investigate because no one know’s rock climbing like Kayden McKenna.
As the two dive deeper into the complex relationships surrounding the victim, their relationship also becomes complex.

After threats are made ay Kayden and she gets kidnapped, Jake realizes that his past is catching up with him, but will he be fast enough to save Kayden? 

Silenced surprised me. I did not expect Jake and Kayden’s relationship to be as relatable to me as it was. Kayden is a person who shuts everything inside and tries to be strong for everyone. She’s the mother-hen of the McKenna clan. I related a lot to Kayden and I reallt enjoyes seeing her transform and grow over the series. The suspense of this book was the best out of the previous ones… (I know I said that about the last book too;). But seriously though! Each book in this series is better than the next. Jake and Kayden’s relationship was cute in their own way and I can’t see them with anyone else..

Normally this is where I would share the “con’s” of this book and what I would change..  but honestly I wouldn’t change a thing!


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