My Desk/Vanity Tour

So I finally got a new desk! My old one had a lot of storage which I liked but it was too bulky. I wanted something simple and the Metro Collection desk from Walmart is perfect:) I loved that it is wood and metal. It gives it an urban vibe to it and can be... Continue Reading →


No. I Don’t Wear Panty Hose.

Scared is an understatement. This Sunday will be my first day at a new church, in a new town, and my first day on the job as pastor's wife... Well, associates pastors wife but after a month or two pastors wife. Anyways. I can handle new people. I have met more new people in the... Continue Reading →

June Favorites 2016

I feel like I haven't posted in forever... the past two weeks have been crazy. But a good crazy:) God has been showing me and Tj the steps He wants us to take little by little and now that I can see what He had planned, everything just fits together:) I will write about it... Continue Reading →

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