10 Ways To Look Less Tired

It doesn't matter if I get 8 hours of sleep or 5 hours, I always look tired. I have had dark circles under my eyes even when I was little. So with that being said, I have learned a thing or two about how to look awake, fresh, and rejuvenated:)  1- Avoid dark colors  Especially... Continue Reading →


Looking for a good film?

Check out my friend Haylee's blog post for some great clean movies! Perfect for a movie night!:) 10 Favorite Movies: Rated and Reviewed - http://wp.me/p796Ql-xP

Letting God Dig Out My Splinters

Last week my church had revival and it was really great! We had people saved, and some rededicate their life to the Lord. As with most revivals, each night there was an altar call to give everyone who was there an oppurtunity to humbly pray to God, repent, ask for forgivness, etc... One of the... Continue Reading →

CoverGirl Oh Sugar Lipstick Review

I have been thinking about buying this lipstick for awhile now. Mainly because I love the name (Soda) and the packaging is super cute;) This is a sheer tinted lip balm (like Loreal's Pop Balm or Maybelline's Baby Lips). I got mine at Walmart for around 5$ (with a coupon). First of all, it smells... Continue Reading →

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