I’m an Inbetween

Last night me and Tj went to a fall party with my family and some friends. I had a lot of fun, and a lot of food;) One thing I realized last night though, is that God brings us through different seasons of our life, to draw us closer to Him.  The past two years... Continue Reading →


I Don’t Want To Talk To God

There are times in my life where i just feel numb. I will try to pray, and give up. I will look at my Bible, and have no urge to read it. I don't feel happy. I don't feel sad. I just have no peace.  The world tries to sell me peace through self-help books,... Continue Reading →

What If Creation

​What if the stone that was forged into nails, screeched out in pain, as it peirced the Lord. What if the rain as it fell from the sky, tried to wash away the blood and the tears that he cried. What if his blood that soaked into the tree, tried to flow back to give... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Fall Accessories 

Fall is finally here! I absolutely love fall and everything that comes with it:) The pumpkin spice everything, warmer clothes, and delicious scents Bath and Body comes out with:) Here are some of my favorite fall accessories! Germ-X is a must have product for me every day of the year but I looovveee the smell... Continue Reading →

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