If You Start Seeing Ghost, Read This.

I've never really been scared of a lot of things. Only clowns, the occasional creepy dream, and sleep paralysis. I would say those are my 3 biggest fears. Oh, and perfectly shaped circles or holes. I think it is called trypophobia. Looking at them just make me sick. Those are my fears. I think they are... Continue Reading →


Like The Trees in The Desert

It has been sooo hot outside here where I live. My plants are withered up and brown, the ground burns your bare feet even after the sun goes down, and the breeze is like opening the door to your oven and feeling the heat rush towards you. It's hot. The heat soaks up every bit of... Continue Reading →

The Empty Room Down The Hall

Down the hall. Last door on the left. Well, only door on the left actually. Over a year and a half, that room has been empty. It doesn't really bother me, I honestly have forgotten it's even there. Only when we have company over do I actually remember having another room in our house. When I... Continue Reading →

I’m Paranoid.

I love conspiracy theories. The Titanic? Never sank. CERN? It's just plain creepy. I'm subscribed to more conspiracy theory podcast than anything else... Maybe I'm a nut, maybe I just see more clearly than you... lol But in a more serious sense, I'm paranoid. Not so much that I'm crazy because the government might be... Continue Reading →

Just Forget About Me

I've been so empty handed recently when it comes to writing. Normally, God will reveal something to me and it will click in my head and I will write a post. But lately, I haven't had those click-y moments. What about the time when I have nothing to write? When God doesn't show something new to... Continue Reading →

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