The Reaching Tide

My sand I used to build upon, is now slowing melting down. Back into the sea it's from, as the waves reach higher ground. I call for help as I panic, grasping at melting sand, the one who controls the waves is near but where is His mighty hand? Does He watch as I cry... Continue Reading →


What If Creation

​What if the stone that was forged into nails, screeched out in pain, as it peirced the Lord. What if the rain as it fell from the sky, tried to wash away the blood and the tears that he cried. What if his blood that soaked into the tree, tried to flow back to give... Continue Reading →

What You’re Worth To Me

Lord I try to write And make the perfect rhymes. I think of what life is And all I do is come up empty handed. Im tired of writing empty words I'm tired of wanting my own thoughts to Be whats heard Because what are they worth? A penny at best. What are my words... Continue Reading →

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