Why God Has Never Been Enough For Me

There are certain things in life that make me happy. Coffee, cats, hanging  out with my family, rainy days, hiking, reading, and popcorn (just to name a few).  I know for sure that these things make me happy.  I also know that God makes me happy. My relationship with God brings me joy and peace... Continue Reading →


If You Start Seeing Ghost, Read This.

I've never really been scared of a lot of things. Only clowns, the occasional creepy dream, and sleep paralysis. I would say those are my 3 biggest fears. Oh, and perfectly shaped circles or holes. I think it is called trypophobia. Looking at them just make me sick. Those are my fears. I think they are... Continue Reading →

Like The Trees in The Desert

It has been sooo hot outside here where I live. My plants are withered up and brown, the ground burns your bare feet even after the sun goes down, and the breeze is like opening the door to your oven and feeling the heat rush towards you. It's hot. The heat soaks up every bit of... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Want The Crumbs

In my grandma's house, on top of her piano, are old black and white pictures of her grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, etc... She has told me their names before and how I'm related to them but honestly, I couldn't tell you if I was paid to (Sorry Nanny). I do remember though, that whenever she... Continue Reading →

When Sin Slithers In 

The past two weeks have been a struggle for me. I have struggled with a sin that I did not see coming. It has made me ask questions about sin that I never thought before.  I asked God to take away my attraction to this sin, and to help me resist it. But in my... Continue Reading →

I’m an Inbetween

Last night me and Tj went to a fall party with my family and some friends. I had a lot of fun, and a lot of food;) One thing I realized last night though, is that God brings us through different seasons of our life, to draw us closer to Him.  The past two years... Continue Reading →

Monday/Work Day Music Playlist

Everyone has those days where they dread either going to work or school. I do mainly on Mondays.. Music is really important to me and speaks to me just as much as reading does. I think it is important that we fill our minds with positive, God-glorifying music. These 10 songs help me to either... Continue Reading →

I Was Robbed

Tonight when I got home from church I discovered that I had been robbed.  Not physically like my house or bank account. But even more importantly, I had been robbed spiritually.  I have robbed myself of the joy I should have in salvation. I get so caught up in what I'm not that I completely... Continue Reading →

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